Posted by: Frigz | June 6, 2011

Industry Statistics (2009-2010-2011)

The above stats appeared in the Surgical Instruments Manufacturers  Association of Pakistan (SIMAP) newsletter of May 2011. As the table suggests, there is little overall change over the last years performance. In my view, much of the poor performance can be tracked to the general distress of the economic conditions of Pakistan. I mean, what can a company do with scarcity of electricity coupled with rising costs of power generation, inflation, and a severe sense of investment insecurity.

Anyways,  the table is kinda weird and fails to mention if the figures are in thousands or millions but the accompanying anecdote says that the ‘country’s exports crossed $20 Billion in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year.’ Well, thats good but i know the industry can do much better if proper economic polices are implemented at national and international level.

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