Posted by: Frigz | March 10, 2012

The Golden Instruments

Whenever i am showing around a group of doctors, students, or guests around the factory, TC instruments become a particular source of interest for the viewers. Perhaps its the golden tint of the instrument that catches their eye or perhaps its the difference in process manufacturing that they note. Either way, following questions pop-up most commonly, so i thought why not post them up on the blog along with their answers. So here we go.

What does TC stand for?
TC stands for Tungsten Carbide.

Why are these Instruments gold at the bottom?
It is industry standard to mark all TC instruments by coloring them gold at the bottom.

Is it real gold?
Yes and No. kinda but not really. But it sure is expensive like real gold

Whats so special about these instruments?
These instruments have a tungsten carbide tip inserted in their mouths resulting in more durable, better working, and precision instrument.

Are they more expensive than regular instruments?
Yes. Because of the gold at the bottom and TC tip on the top, these instruments are more expensive than regular non-TC instruments.

What instruments can be made into a TC instrument?
All sorts of instruments including micro forceps, needle holders, wire cutters, and cutting instruments like scissors and pliers can be made into TC instruments.

The viewers also normally ask questions regarding how the gold and TC tip is applied (at which point i show them our manufacturing process which is way cooler to experience than to read about). So there you have it, now you know the answers to the frequent questions relating to TC instruments by visitors of our company.


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