Posted by: Frigz | July 27, 2012

Connecting the past with the future

At the upcoming launch of our new general surgery instruments catalog, our CEO collects his memories of how he started the company and where that journey has led him up till now.

‘Can I have your couch for tomorrow?’ I asked my friend back in 1980 when our first customer planned to visit our ‘company’. Back then, we had no office, just one rented shop with two people working diligently to produce few types of surgical instruments. ‘Sure’ my friend replied, now I was off to another friend to borrow some curtains and a car. This was our start. This was the birth of Dr. Frigz.

The Visionary: Muhammad Riaz (CEO)

That first meeting went beautifully but not due to the couch, curtain, or car, but rather due to the potential and capability our customer saw in our hands. We received that order and many more thereafter. And I am proud to say that our first customer is still with us even after 32 years of business. This relationship serves to prove the commitment, quality, and reliability of Frigz products and mindset.

Dr. Frigz now stands recognized as a global brand with two international joint ventures; in Germany & Japan, and a workforce of more than 500 employees. Each year we continue to add more and more items to our product mix and are slowly but surely leaving a positive mark on the global healthcare industry.

In light of all the changes that we introduced in our product offerings in the last couple of years, it was necessary that we update our general surgery catalog. With the printing of this catalog we hope to have bridged that gap some what in addition to showing to the world our expanded capabilities for manufacturing quality medical devices.

I am thankful to God for bringing us to such a stage where our instruments save thousands of lives each year. I am thankful to my employees without whose hard work and dedication this success would not have been possible. And most of all I am thankful to our customers for believing in us and standing behind the Frigz brand.

Muhammad Riaz
CEO, Dr. Frigz International

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