Posted by: Frigz | September 28, 2012

Quality & Repeatability

In order to maintain high quality and repeatability for our products, we strive to perform all production processes in -house. And while there are hundreds of sub-processes and tasks that go into the manufacturing of our surgical instruments, following is a list of major processes that we perform in house.

Items ready for Heat Treatment at Frigz

  1. Shear & Press Work (we import our own steel from Japan)
  2. Die/Mold Making
  3. Hot Forging
  4. Surface Treatment
  5. Annealing
  6. Machining (CNC, Lathes, Milling, etc)
  7. Filing
  8. Vacuum Heat Treatment
  9. Electro Polishing
  10. Grinding & Polishing
  11. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  12. Functional Setting and Testing
  13. Passivation
  14. Color coatings (Gold, Black, Titanium)
  15. Diamond Dust coatings (For Diamond Dusted Instruments)
  16. Tungsten Carbide Insertion (For TC Instruments)
  17. Special Preparation of Scissors blades (Razor edge, super cut edge, TC, & TC Super Cut)
  18. Powder coating (for Electrosurgical Instruments)
  19. Injection Moulding (for Electrosurgical Instruments)
  20. Clean Room Packing
  21. Sterilization
  22. Quality Control Testing
  23. Laser & Electro-Chemical etching
  24. Packing & Shipping

Each of the above processes comes with its own parameters which have to be tailored to the needs of each item in production and customer’s requests. The above list gives you a brief idea of what goes on behind making a quality product in our company. Making a surgical instrument is tough enough, making it in good quality is painstakingly tougher. And even though we make great disposable instruments, our main strength lies with manufacturing the best quality reusable instruments.


  1. Great job Mr. Frigz
    Nice Update, thanks for sharing.
    Indian Mirror Australia

  2. Dear Sir

    I need to buy Forcep in both
    Straight and curve , kindly send me
    Price list, bye!

    [email protected]

  3. Good effort. Coating always prevent corrosion of any tool.

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