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Recent changes in Dr. Frigz International

Dr. Frigz International was established in 1980 by Mian Muhammad Riaz as a sole proprietorship. The company later converted to a partnership before finally becoming a private limited company. Mr. Riaz used to work in the income tax department but then sold his parental lands to gather enough investment to start the surgical busienss. His efforts were rewarded swiftly and the business grew because of its reputation for reliability and competitiveness.

As the business grew, Mian Muhamamd Riaz who trained all the directors and employees, he is the one who dealt with customers and he is the one who setup foreign offices in Germany and Japan for the company. Besides his leadership of Dr. Frigz International,  he is also the founder chairman of Sialkot International Airport, Ex-President of the Chamber of commerce of Sialkot, and has held various positions over the years including Minister of task force for Industrial development but most of all he is the founder and current CEO of the company Dr. Frigz International.

Over the past few months, Dr. Frigz International has gone through a transformation and few of the directors that represented a minority share have parted and started their own company under the name of ‘Frigz Medical Instruments’. These departing directors no longer hold any position at Dr. Frigz International and do not represent the brand any more.

Departing directors consisted of Muhammad Tufail (5% shareholding and responsible for raw material purchasing in Dr. Frigz ), Hassan Tufail (5% Inherited shareholding with no experience in Dr. Frigz International), Bilal Faiz (10% Inherited shareholding with no experience in Dr. Frigz International) and Kashif Faiz (10% Inherited Shareholding with experience of Packing department in Dr. Frigz). The departing of these directors does not negatively affect the operations of Dr. Frigz International. In fact, two of the departing directors had no experience or part in the day to day operations of company.

Even though they have opted to use the ‘Frigz’ name for their company, we want to ensure our customers that the registered trademark of Dr. Frigz International and the ‘Frigz’ brand and logo are the property Dr. Frigz International alone. The name Dr. Frigz comprises the name of the original directors of the company and you can learn more about our name through our previous post ‘who is dr. frigz?

Dr. Frigz International currently has one subsidiary by the name of ‘Dr. Frigz Electrosurgical Instruments’. This company specializes in the manufacturing of high frequency electro surgical instruments and you can learn more about this company from

Needless to say here that Dr. Frigz International will continue to provide its customers with excellent quality and reliable cooperation. The company employs more than a thousand workers in the form of salaried employees or contractors and manufactures millions of instruments that help save thousands of lives each year.

The Dr. Frigz International team comprises of : Mian Muhammad Riaz (Founder CEO, 40+ years of manufacturing experience), and Directors; Muhammad Daud Sair (LLB High Court Lawyer and 35 years of manufacturing experience), Muhammad Rehan (MBA, University of Michigan with 10+ years of manufacturing and management experience), Usman Daud Sair (MBA, University of Wisconsin with 10+ years of manufacturing and management experience), Ali Daud Sair (MBA, University of Central Punjab with 3+ years of manufacturing experience), Hamza Daud Sair (Engineer with 3+ years of manufacturing experience), and Muhammad Farhan Riaz (Mechanial Engineer, Ryerson University with 1.5 years of experience).

Besides the qualified and multi year experienced directors, the company also employs dozens of professional managers, supervisors and technicians to ensure that communication, documentation, planning, and of course manufacturing are up to the highest international standards.

The future of Dr. Frigz International is secure, bright and exiciting.

In the meanwhile, we invite you to visit our company or at least enjoy the video tour of our manufacturing facility linked below.

Video Tour of Dr. Frigz International

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